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Add your new Email address to Android devices using the "Email" application
Last Updated a year ago

This guide is for setting up your new email address created by ATW Web Services on Android devices using the "Email" application. Please ensure you have your email address name and password handy which have been previously provided for you:

  1. Open "Apps" (normally by swiping up from your home screen).
  2. Click "Email".
  3. Enter your email address and click "Next".
  4. Enter your password and click "Next".
  5. Select "Manual Setup" and "Incoming settings will be displayed.
  6. Select "IMAP".
  7. In "IMAP server" input field enter ""
  8. Change "Port" to "143".
  9. Select "STARTTLS (Accept all certificates)" under "Security type".
  10. Leave "IMAP path prefix" blank and click "Next" to display "Outgoing settings".
  11. Enter "" in the "SMTP server" text field.
  12. Enter "25" in "Port" text field.
  13. Select "STARTTLS (Accept all certificates) for "Security type".
  14. Ensure "Require sign-in" is on.
  15. Enter your email address in the "Username" text field.
  16. Enter your password.
  17. Click "Next".
  18. Choose how you would like to receive your email notifications (Automatically or Manually) and click "Next".
  19. Select how you would like to be notified of new emails (Play sound, No sound, No notification).
  20. Enter an account name in the text field (this is how the profile will display on your device).
  21. Enter the name you would like to be displayed when others receive emails from you in the "Your name" text field.
  22. Select "Finish Setup".
  23. Wait while your emails synchronize. This may take a while depending on your mailbox size.
You should now be connected and ready to send and receive emails. To ensure everything has been set up correctly, please send a test email to yourself at a different mailbox you have access to.

IMPORTANT: If your email is not working as intended or you are having difficulty setting it up please email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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